Invest on your Mind

October 12, 2017
October 12, 2017 lwazis

Invest on your Mind

I have always perceived and pride myself to be an ambassador for education. This is probably due to having both Parents being teachers for the last 20 years or so. Everything surrounding my life growing up, would at some point came back to measure how much knowledge I have or how much I’m willing to gain. This was either coming from my Parents or people who knew and respected my folks as greats in the pursuit for education. To be honest, I hated it, the pressures that came with it felt too much to bear sometimes, you know, that “big shoes to fill” thing. I must admit, that was ANNOYING AF! But this was the life, what I got dealt, and I had to embrace it at some point.


Now let’s be clear, I wasn’t by any means best in my class, in fact, I will even go as far as to say, I was below average on my grades sometimes.

So fast forward to now and surprisingly, I value learning more than anything. I’m talking about investing on knowledge, not necessarily being a scholar, although that’s even better, but my point is; it shouldn’t end there. So, for the sake of avoiding a whole argument and complaints about costs, you know, “fees must fall” and all that stuff, i’ma just keep this one simple.


I’m talking about developing your mind. Investing time, energy and money to develop and grow your mind. It doesn’t end with school. George Santayana, a philosopher & poet, once wrote “…a child educated only at school is an uneducated child…” and what I take from that is, there is no finish-line. The words “study” and “finish” should never be in the same sentence because learning is an on-going, on-growing thing.


So here’s where i’m getting at?


If you have a business idea, a dream, maybe you want to start a clothing label, or want to establish a non-profit, Yo! Any type of a goal at all, you need to learn about it, read a book, research on google, watch videos. Learn how to value information and where to get it first. Enrol for a short course and be specific about what and how you learn. In other words, learn how people speak, learn the keywords, study behaviour, etc. Your aim should be to want to be best at what you do or want to do, period. Especially in 2017 like “Big Sean” said at the “Breakfast Club” earlier this year:


Another great way of learning is though actions, I know in my case, I learned photography by buying a camera and starting to shoot and everything else that followed was an opportunity to grow. I love learning. So much that it feels like death not to learn. New information is fun and it’s even better nowadays right? Coz we got the internet, google, and YouTube, it feels like everything is at your disposal. So the only question now is, what are you waiting for? Start investing today.



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